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Quick Change!

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Ariel and Rochelle’s award winning act has been touring the globe on luxury cruises, at international resorts, fairs, festivals, and theatres, for over fifteen years. Their lively personalities, sparkling chemistry and playful sense of humour, shine in shows that are unsurpassed, with lightning fast “quick change”, comedy and breathtaking illusions that thrill audiences of all ages.

All shows can be done in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Grand Illusions

In addition to an amazing array of illusions created by the world's most creative minds in magic, Ariel and Rochelle delight audiences with their very own state of the art designs. These puzzling devices remain exclusive to their show alone.

Comedy, Magic & Quick Change

Ariel and Rochelle believe that comedy and magic go hand in hand with family fun. If your guests demand good clean fun, then rest assured, this show is the perfect fit. In addition, Rochelle is an award winning assistant and Canada's premiere quick change artist, providing yet another visually stunning dimension to the incredible variety seen in this unique show.

Close-up Marvels

Ariel's incredible sleight of hand shows are the perfect compliment to your lounge entertainment during cocktail hour, leaving even your most skeptical guests speechless.

Master Classes in Magic

As an added attraction for those long sea days, Ariel and Rochelle can offer a master class in magic tailored to either teens/adults or children, depending on the age-range of your guests.

For more information, please contact:

Ariel and Rochelle : info at ariel and rochelle dot com

For bookings, please contact the agent that referred you.